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When transforming your backyard space into an outdoor oasis, choosing a pool shape and design is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Aside from picking out an enchanting landscaping plan, the shape of your pool will have the biggest impact on the overall look and feel of your backyard space. A swimming pool offers hours of relaxation, exercise and fun. Beyond the recreational and aesthetic benefits, this backyard upgrade may also boost property value.

With so many different shapes and designs to choose from, finding the perfect pool for your home can be a bit tricky. With these important considerations, you can easily determine what pool shape to choose for your backyard.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Pool Shape

There are several factors that will determine which swimming pool is best for you and your home. Before you start shopping around and comparing prices of popular pool shapes, here are the most important considerations to weigh when choosing a design:

Backyard Size

The size of your backyard will play a significant role in determining which shape is best. It’s essential to check the local residential pool requirements and regulations. There’s a good chance you will need a permit before you start building. 

Once you have a better understanding of residential regulations and requirements, you can evaluate how much space you have for the installation. Typically, small swimming pools are best for humble-sized and quaint homes, while larger swimming pools are suitable for yards with tons of space to spare. But you will need to consider more than the space the pool itself will take up — you might want to save enough space for other valuable outdoor amenities like outdoor furniture, fire pits and anything else you’ll need to create your perfect backyard sanctuary. 

It’s essential that the size you choose compliments the size of your backyard. While a pool that’s too large can overwhelm and cramp a smaller yard, a smaller size can seem lost in a spacious yard and even awkward in size. 

Backyard Shape

While a rectangle-shaped pool makes it easy to section off a square or rectangle-shaped yard, freeform or kidney shapes fit well in yards with irregular shapes. However, you could manipulate your landscaping plan to create a visual illusion. If you have an irregular-shaped backyard yet still want a rectangular shape, you could strategically place plants and other landscaping elements to make the area seem square.

If you decide to match a rectangular shape to an irregular yard shape or a freeform pool to a rectangular yard shape, it’s wise to work with a residential landscaping service to create the backyard space of your dreams. 

Aesthetic Preference

Of course, it’s crucial that you settle on a shape and design that complements your aesthetic preferences. You want to match the swimming pool style to your landscaping theme. Whether you’re creating a woodland wonderland, a tropical retreat, a peaceful prairie or any other style, your pool must fit into the scene. 


Are you hoping to get your weekly cardio swimming laps in your new pool? Or would you prefer to spend your time relaxing? You might hope to host parties with your friends. Whichever resonates with you, different designs offer different functionality. 

A small kidney-shaped pool might not be the best option if you plan to use the pool for exercise — but a classy rectangle shape is suitable for this use. A luxury L-shape might be the best choice for a modern luxury backyard and hosting lavish backyard parties. Be sure to choose a shape that offers the functionality you’re looking for. 

Popular Swimming Pool Shapes

Popular Swimming Pool Shapes

There are several pool shapes worth considering:

Classic Rectangles

This timeless shape makes a statement with classic elegance and crisp, clean lines. Rectangle pools work well with most landscaping styles, whether contemporary and creative or modern and formal. Rectangle shapes are also best for those who want to swim laps and get exercise or host backyard celebrations with friends and family. Rectangle shapes are available in just about every size as well, so you can choose a design that fits seamlessly into your backyard, regardless of how large or small your outdoor space is. 

Naturally Beautiful Freeform Shapes

Freeform pool shapes are naturally beautiful and offer more of an organic feel. These creative shapes mimic irregular shapes that are more common in nature. If you have chosen a prairie or woodland landscaping plan incorporating more freely growing plants and flowers, this is the best shape for your home. This shape can help you create a backyard oasis similar to a lagoon or peaceful natural pond. With flowing lines, nooks and curves, freeform designs will naturally complement irregular backyard shapes and wild landscaping designs. 

Roman and Geometric Designs

Roman and geometric pool shapes are stunning, unique designs that work well in larger, lavish backyards. This structural shape complements tropical landscaping plans and can maximize space, while the creative shapes can help to zone off the backyard. Moreover, incorporating a hot tub space is easy with geometric shapes. If you’re creating a contemporary oasis, this is the best shape for you.

Playful Kidney Shapes

Kidney-shaped pools are undeniably playful. This shape is functional and appealing. They can also maximize smaller backyards without cramping up the space. If you enjoy hosting celebrations and entertaining guests or lounging around in your backyard, a kidney shape might be the best option. These versatile shapes are a popular choice for families as well because the unique shape and shallow design are unarguably the most suitable option for children. 

Sophisticated Oval and Circular Shapes

Circular and oval shapes offer a sophisticated spin on classic rectangular shapes. This shape is typically best for modern, simplistic landscaping designs and larger backyards. Even though you can opt for an oval shape with a smaller yard, this particular shape works best when there is ample space. 

Luxury L-Shapes

L-shapes are incredibly luxurious. The unique and practical design is perfect for swimming laps and getting exercise, while this shape is also perfect for hosting outdoor celebrations or simply lounging around. This shape is also best for larger backyards with acres to spare. The distinct design works well with modern minimalistic landscaping themes.

Find Your Perfect Pool With Van Kirk & Sons Pools and Spas

Choosing a pool shape is a big decision. But when weighing in all the key considerations, you can choose a shape that complements your home and lifestyle preferences. 

Whether you have a small backyard and a prairie landscaping style or a large yard with a clean, modern design, we have the perfect pool shape for you. Schedule a consultation with Van Kirk & Sons Pools and Spas to find the right pool shape and create the backyard oasis of your dreams. 

Find Your Perfect Pool With Van Kirk & Sons Pools and Spas