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Considering the best time to build your pool is essential. Van Kirk & Sons Pool and Spas have put together a helpful guide to aid you in deciding when to build your pool. 

Understanding the Pool Construction Process

When you understand the pool construction process, you will understand the significance of the time of year for when to build a pool.

Constructing your pool consists of the following:

  1. Digging the hole: The builders will begin to dig the hole for your pool. Rain will influence this, as it can slow down the digging process. This process may also take longer if the ground isn’t level to begin with.
  2. Lining the pool hole: The hole will need something solid and durable to keep it in place. If rainwater fills the gap, this will need drainage before construction can commence. 
  3. Conducting inspections: An authorized person from the city will inspect the pool hole. 
  4. Installing the shell: Your pool will be lined with a hard shell surface, and your contractor will install the plumbing. It’s ideal for the plumber and builders to work in dry conditions. 
  5. Building the deck: This process includes laying more tiles and doing more building. The plaster should dry out sufficiently before the next step can start.

Planning Ahead for Pool Construction

The following considerations are essential to prepare you for your new pool:

  • The finances: Consider that you’ll have plenty of maintenance once your pool is up and running. The plumbing costs, water bill and pool cleaning will all add up. The pool pump will work hard during summer, so expect an increase in your electricity bill. 
  • Size of your yard: The size of your backyard will influence how big or small your pool will be and the type of machinery your contractor will use. If your yard is smaller than most, be prepared to rely on more specialized equipment or for the process to take longer overall.
  • Ensure your yard is flat: If you have sloping ground in your backyard, it is best to straighten that out first. Get professional assistance if you need help deciding what to look out for. 
  • Electricity lines above your backyard: Electric wiring above your pool is dangerous, so these must be rerouted so they don’t run directly above your pool. 

Preparing Your Backyard for Pool Construction: Seasonal Considerations

When to build a pool is a savvy question, as the different seasons offer their benefits and challenges: 

  • Winter: This season is the most challenging to build your pool, but it is possible. The wet conditions and wind can impact when your pool is complete, but this may be less important for you because it’s winter. Pool companies generally have less business in winter months, meaning they can get to your project faster.
  • Spring: Spring can be a wonderful time to build your pool, but bear in mind that pool contractors are at their busiest to keep up with the demand. Spring weather also has its share of rainy days, so be prepared for possible delays if it rains.
  • Summer: The summer months are some of the best times to build your pool due to the excellent weather conditions. The warm and dry ground will speed up the construction process. Because this is a popular season to build pools, the costs involved may be higher, and some heatwave conditions will mean contractors need more breaks and have to wait for shade to fall over their working area. 
  • Fall: Right after summer is a good time to build your pool, as contractors can avail themselves more. The weather conditions are also reasonably similar to summer. It will be less expensive to build and will be ready for when warm months roll around again. 

The Influence of Market Demand on the Best Time to Build a Pool

Due to the dry conditions, pool contractors see a considerable spike in pool requests in warmer seasons, so contractors have no choice but to complete every project as soon as possible. You might see faster completion if you book your project in the off seasons, like winter.

Construction may take a little longer, but it will be well worth it. The same can be said for the autumn season, as people start to prepare for winter and aren’t thinking about their pool plans. Your pool will enjoy extra care, and you can rest assured it will be ready when the hot months return.

The Best Time to Build a Pool in Florida

Wet weather can impact the ground. There are specific factors to look out for when constructing your pool in Florida, which include:

  • High water tables: A clear sign of high water tables is when you dig the ground a few inches down and find water gushing out. Consider pumping some of the water away to get a dry working site or filling in some dirt to get above the water. Trenches can also help keep the water at bay if it’s a mild case.
  • Sinkholes: Central and northern parts of Florida mostly have this issue. Due to Florida’s aquifer system, some parts of the ground can sink in on themselves, especially during a drought. Please make sure you test for sinkholes and have a plan to fill them up when constructing your pool. 
  • Low-ground areas around your pool: If your pool is lower than the ground around it, you must ensure the water doesn’t flow into or underneath the structure. Build trenches covered with stone around your swimming pool, or place small retaining walls that drain the moisture around the pool.
  • Water leaks due to cracks: Because Florida has unique soil conditions, an improperly installed pool may begin to leak over time, and cracks can appear. If not dealt with in time, this can become dangerous. Avoid this by working with a reputable pool installer and servicer like Van Kirk & Sons Pool and Spas. 

Make the Right Investment With Van Kirk & Sons Pools and Spas

It’s always a great time to build a pool in Florida because you’ll be investing in your property and adding to its appeal. You can enjoy your pool throughout the year, and they are a great way to entertain guests. Van Kirk & Sons Pools and Spas offers a free, no-obligation one-on-one consultation with one of our designers to ensure you get premium, expert advice on the design of your pool. Our construction team uses industry-leading software to bring your pool to life so you can see it before we build it. Trust the experts in luxury with our five decades of experience, and let us start constructing the pool of your dreams!