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If you live in Florida, then you know just how hot and sticky the weather can be, especially in the summertime. After spending time in the sun, there are few things as refreshing as leaping into a cool swimming pool. 

Installing a new pool can be a highly valuable investment for Florida homeowners. Before getting started, it can be helpful to learn about the factors that will contribute to the overall expenses.

We are breaking down the average cost of a pool in Florida and the many advantages of building one in your backyard.

Average Swimming Pool Cost

As you toy with the idea of installing a new pool on your property, you are likely eager to learn how much it all costs with everything added up. Ultimately, how much you spend on your new swimming hole will depend on a few key factors. 

On average, an in-ground swimming pool costs between $35,000 and $65,000. With customization and special features, the overall expenses can reach upwards of $200,000. The cost of a swimming pool is well worth it if it boosts your home’s value and encourages a more active lifestyle.

From materials to labor costs, there are many different considerations that will determine your overall expenses. Your home’s location, for instance, will play a massive role in your final costs and determining if investing in a new pool is right for you. 

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Pool in South Florida?

Florida swimming pool costs are not very different from the national average. In many cases, it costs more in northern states to install a pool than in the southern states, like FL, which are warmer and more conducive for swimming any time of year. 

If you live in a region that has long summers and persistent sunshine throughout the seasons, investing in a swimming pool is certainly advantageous. Unsurprisingly, the Sunshine State has the most residential swimming pools in America. 

South Florida is particularly well-suited for backyard pools, and many homeowners are spending extra to get the features they want, such as swim-up bars or fire pits. More and more people are upgrading their backyard spaces with luxury swimming pools. 

Luxury pool costs are dependent upon the exciting components you include in your design plans for your backyard space. For a pool to be considered “luxury,” it must have a thoughtful design and elevated amenities. Some examples include infinity pools that create the illusion of endless water or residential lazy rivers with relaxing flowing currents. 

If you are interested in investing in a luxury pool for your backyard, you can expect to pay more. The actual costs will depend on the special features you choose to include, however, the average price typically ranges from $70,000 to $200,000. 

While custom swimming pools cost more, they make your outdoor space feel like an expensive retreat. Plus, they are highly likely to boost your home’s value. 

11 Factors That Affect the Cost of a Swimming Pool

The following are some of the key factors that contribute to residential swimming pool costs:

1. Location

Location plays a massive role in real estate and backyard pool installation costs. If you live in an area with more urban characteristics, your new swimming pool will likely cost more than in a suburban or rural region. Location also impacts things like labor and permit costs, which we will dive deeper into below. 

If your lot has a steep grade, rocky soil or high water table — which is common in Florida — installers may need to use special equipment to properly construct and install your pool.

2. In-Ground vs. Above-Ground

If someone is looking to install a backyard pool on a budget, they might want to consider an above-ground option. Compared to how much it costs to build an in-ground pool, above-ground models are significantly cheaper.

In-ground pool prices exceed above-ground, but they also boost your home’s value by more. If you are looking to create a luxurious backyard living space, an in-ground option is likely the best solution for your residence.

3. Type of Pool

Another important factor that contributes to installation costs is the type of pool you choose. 

The following are some of the most common types to consider:

  • Classic and straight-line: If you like minimalist design, classic and straight-line pools are for you. They can make any outdoor space look modern and sleek. 
  • Infinity and wet edge: Infinity pools have exploded in popularity over the last few years. They create unique visual effects and look like a piece of art in your backyard. 
  • Lagoon and free-form: If you prefer a more natural-looking backyard pool, a lagoon or free-form style is best. Instead of a rectangular shape or straight lines, they feature curves and look more like a real body of water. 
  • Roman and geometric: Those looking to make their backyard spaces look expensive and unique might want to go with geometric designs that they can tailor to their particular space. 

Adding a hot tub or spa to your pool will also affect your installation costs.

4. Materials

The materials you choose will alter your costs. There are typically three materials used for in-ground swimming pools, including:

  • Fiberglass: This durable, low-maintenance material is cost-effective, and the installation process takes just days. 
  • Concrete: Concrete pools tend to come with higher price tags and require more maintenance than other options. They also have longer installation times and can take months to complete. 
  • Vinyl liner: Vinyl liners require easy upkeep and can take a few weeks to fully install. 

5. Size

Size is an important factor to keep in mind when determining the cost of your backyard pool installation. The larger the pool, the more you can expect to spend. 

Larger swimming pools mean more materials, longer installation times and more labor. When deciding on the right size, consider your yard’s configuration and how the pool can complement your existing space. Also, consider how you’ll use your pool. For instance, you would likely want a bigger pool with more room if you want to swim laps. 

6. Landscaping

Your landscaping will impact pool installation pricing in a few different ways. A complex backyard space can complicate and even elongate the installation process, which will cost you more money.

You’ll also likely need to invest in your landscaping after the pool is complete, so it is important to consider these costs. If you need to install new fencing or an enclosure over your pool, be sure to factor that into your overall expenses as well.

7. Cleaning Systems

A pool filter and pump can be one of your larger expenses when installing a brand-new swimming pool. These cleaning systems play an essential part in keeping your water free from debris and contaminants, so you’ll want to choose durable equipment options. 

If you are installing a particularly large pool, you can anticipate the cleaning system costing slightly more. 

8. Heating and Temperature Control

A huge perk of living in Florida is having outdoor swimming season almost all year long. With that said, you may want to consider installing a temperature control system that allows you to change how warm the water feels for late-night swims or during the colder months from December to February. 

9. Features

The custom features you choose to include as part of your backyard pool’s design will have a huge impact on your overall installation costs. 

Some popular luxury pool features to consider include:

  • Custom tiles: Pool tiles play a massive role in your pool’s aesthetics. You can choose beautiful custom tiles that make your space look unique and one-of-a-kind.
  • Jets and bubblers: You can install deck jets and bubblers that elevate your pool with gorgeous water streams and shimmering fountains. They produce a calming white noise that’s perfect for creating a zen backyard oasis.
  • Fire pits: There are few settings as peaceful and relaxing as sitting by a fire while poolside. You can have specialized fire features installed in your pool area that are perfect for entertaining. 
  • Lazy rivers: Lazy rivers are a huge hit with adults and kids alike. You can add a lazy river to your backyard and completely transform your space into a private water park. 
  • Pergolas: A pergola is one of the most elevated and luxe shade features you can add to your pool. They can offer a much-needed escape from the sun, and you can also incorporate a waterfall feature and special lighting.  
  • Lights: Pool and yard lighting can make your space safer and add visual intrigue. Whether you’re illuminating the water or a walkway, lights are an important feature for any backyard space.  
  • Walls and waterfalls: Adding a wall or rock waterfall is an easy way to make your pool look high-end and luxurious. Some models allow you to swim and play around the waterfalls, which is perfect for kids. 
  • Steps: You may be surprised to learn about all the different options you have for steps to get in and out of your new pool. From a beach entry to stepping stones, there are so many created and elevated ways to enter and exit your pool. 
  • Bars: A swim-up bar is a huge luxury for a backyard swimming pool. If you love to host parties and mix drinks, a bar in your pool area could be awesome for you. 
  • Sun shelves: Another cool feature to consider when installing a new pool is a sun shelf. These are shallow areas in the water where you can sit and sunbathe. 

10. Labor

Some homeowners are surprised to learn that labor expenses can make up about 33% of the total installation costs for a new pool. 

Your new pool’s design, materials, size and location will all impact how much you spend on labor costs. If your backyard requires a lot of work to prep for the installation process, you can expect to pay higher rates. 

11. Permits

The necessary permits that you will need to legally build a new pool in your backyard will depend on your state and local municipality’s rules. The state of Florida requires residents to work with a licensed contractor and electrician for the installation process. In-ground swimming pools require an Owner-Builder permit, and above-ground options require a Zoning Improvement permit. 

You’ll also need to fill out a Building Permit application with detailed design plans for the pool from a professional architect or engineer. 

Benefits of Having a Backyard Pool in Florida

A pool is the cherry on top of any backyard design, especially in the Sunshine State. You can create your own special oasis just strides away from your backdoor. 

Explore some of the key benefits of having a pool in your Florida backyard:

Financial Investment

Whether you’re installing something brand new or making updates to your existing pool, having a swimming pool can be a highly advantageous financial investment for homeowners. In fact, a pool can potentially increase your home’s value by about 6.5%

In-ground pools are particularly valuable for Florida homeowners. Unlike many northern states that have long, cold winters and inconsistent sunshine, the FL climate allows for pools to be open and swimmable all year long. Thanks to the long stretches of sunshine, a backyard pool can increase your property’s worth. 

For example, a pool can boost the value of homes in the Fort Myers area by a whopping 20.4%. You can use it as a major selling point if you want to put your house on the market in the future. 

Health and Exercise

Installing a new pool in the convenience of your backyard is a great opportunity to get more exercise and ultimately improve your health. 

You can engage in a range of low-impact activities, from swimming laps to practicing hydrotherapy movements. A pool is an awesome way to get more active, and regular water-based exercise can provide many health benefits, including:

  • Decreasing osteoarthritis pain
  • Soothing joints
  • Improving mood
  • Lessening anxiety
  • Improving quality of life
  • Decreasing disability in older adults

Simply spending time in the water can help you feel more at ease and calm. Having a pool means your family can spend more time outside, connecting with nature and getting vitamin D.

Entertainment and Leisure

A backyard swimming pool is the perfect destination for both entertainment and leisure activities. 

You can host parties and barbeques at your house, using the pool as your main attraction. Your friends and family can enjoy many hours of playing games, cooling off and relaxing in the water. If you have kids in your household, having a pool to swim in is a great way to keep them from getting antsy or bored.

Pools also provide the ideal setting for leisure activities. Whether you’re reading, sunbathing or simply enjoying the view, having a swimming pool in your yard is a great way to elevate your leisure time. 

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