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Bring the feeling of your favorite resort to your own home with a lagoon pool. A lagoon pool is a type of freeform pool that mimics the look of a natural body of water. This pool style allows you to enjoy the look and feel of a tropical oasis within the comfort of your own backyard. Make the most of your pool area by incorporating these seven lagoon-style pool features.

1. Pool Finish

Plaster finishes can change the overall look of your lagoon-style pool. The plaster you choose can determine the overall vibe and aesthetic of the area. Some different plaster options include:

  • Dark plaster: Create the illusion of depth with a dark plaster finish.
  • Green or crystalline blue plaster: Mimic a tropical body of water with this bright-colored plaster.
  • Aggregate and plaster mixture: In this plaster mixture, finely crushed stones are added to create a crystalline appearance.
  • Exposed aggregate: For a more natural look, use an exposed aggregate plaster. Real pebbles are mixed into the plaster, creating a textured finish.

2. Waterfall

Water features, such as a waterfall, add even more class to any luxurious lagoon-style pool design. Use a stone waterfall to accentuate your pool and create a natural oasis. Artificial rocks made of composite materials and natural rocks allow designers to perfectly shape the rocks for a unique, beautiful and natural-looking design. Pure natural stone designs are also available if desired.

A waterfall can complete your backyard lagoon and acts as the perfect backdrop for all your pool parties. In addition to their beauty, waterfalls are also functional, as they can mask the noise from the street or your neighbors.

3. Swim-up Bar

Elevate your next pool party with a swim-up bar. Enjoy your favorite food and drinks on a dry tabletop without ever having to leave the pool. The included barstool seating makes it easy to sit down and enjoy a snack, drink or meal in the refreshing water. Swim-up bars can be a stand-alone addition, or they can connect to a larger kitchen space.

4. Sun Shelf

For maximum relaxation, incorporate a sun shelf in your lagoon pool. A sun shelf is a very shallow area of the pool that allows people of all ages and abilities to cool off in the water without needing to swim or descend many stairs. This ledge can also include seating, water features such as bubblers and more. 

5. Pergola

Incorporating a beautiful pergola can make your lagoon swimming pool area stand out, especially if you use a wooden material to create a more natural effect. A pergola provides a shaded walkway and sitting area where you can hang out with friends and family.

The pillars make the structure durable. You can also add vines or flowers to make the aesthetic look more appealing and natural. To achieve a more tropical look, you can add climbing plants along the pillars.

6. Fire Pit

An easy lagoon-style pool add-on is a fire pit. Installing a fire pit can help transform your space in the evenings. Keep the party going with some night swimming and a fire nearby to warm up around. The fire can also help increase visibility in the area. Consider adding torches for an extra festive feel and additional lighting.

Keep in mind the fire pit needs to be placed at least 10 feet away from any combustible surface or structure. Also, remember to follow all federal and local fire safety rules and regulations.

7. Lighting

Lighting makes your lagoon swimming pool beautiful at night. As you decide what features to add to your lagoon pool, you’ll want to make sure LED lighting is included. LED lighting offers ample light to keep your pool visible and well-lit. This can make it safer to enjoy night swimming and provide a beautiful glow. You can choose from several pool lighting options, so you can easily find one that matches your aesthetic and preferences.

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