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Some homeowners fancy having a lagoon pool at home. It gives them the feeling of bringing their favorite resort right to the comfort of their home. A freeform pool is one of the top lagoon designs that many sought for. It has its natural charm that gives off a resemblance to a real lagoon. Learning what features to add to a lagoon pool can help you make great decisions. There are pool style features you can customize to make your lagoon style pool look fancy. This is a pool you can build by yourself, however having a professional handle this task will be best.

Pool Finish

Plaster finishes can change the overall look of your lagoon style pool dramatically. You can use a dark plaster finish to give the water an illusion of depth. Some homeowners use green or crystalline blue to mimic a tropical theme.

Including aggregate in the plaster mixture highlights the effect of finely crushed stones and gives off a crystalline vibe. Once aggregate is applied, the surface is polished for a lustrous finish in lagoon designs.

There are exposed aggregates where a more natural look is desired by mixing river pebbles into the plaster. A textured finish is created once the surface is washed to remove the upper layer.

Lagoon Style Pool
Lagoon Style Pool


Water features, such as a waterfall, add more class to any luxurious lagoon style pool design. A stone waterfall can accentuate any pool. Natural stone can be used, but most designers prefer using an artificial rock to have more freedom in shaping the rock. These artificial rocks are made from composite materials and natural rocks, so they resemble the real thing.

A waterfall can mask the noise from the street or your neighbors. Positioning it strategically can do the trick. It is ideal to have it face your house or yard. This can create a backdrop for your lagoon pool. This can make your backyard lagoons a perfect venue for your own pool parties.


A pergola is an ideal structure that you can add to the lagoon pool area. It can make your lagoon swimming pool stand out especially if you use a wooden material to create a more natural effect. A pergola provides a shaded walkway and sitting area where you can hang out with friends and family.

The pillars make the structure durable. You can also add vines or flowers to make the aesthetic look more appealing and natural. To achieve a more tropical look, you can add climbing plants along the pillars.

Fire Pit

A fire pit by the pool works great especially when chilling out in the evenings. It is both functional and stylish. It brightens up your pool and can be used as an additional source of lighting at night. During the day, it adds a rustic feel because of the added structure in backyard lagoons.

Lagoon Pool
Lagoon Pool

The fire pit needs to be placed at a minimum of 10 feet away from any combustible surface or structure. The usual options for the surfaces are bricks, granite, and concrete.


Lighting makes your lagoon swimming pool beautiful at night. As you learn what features to add to a lagoon pool, you’ll realize that LED lights work nicely for a light glow.

If you like your pool to be well-lit, you can use floodlights. You may also consider dimmer pool style options, especially when you like to create a mysterious and subtle effect at night.

Any Last Minute Ideas?

Knowing what features to add to a lagoon pool gives you more creativity in sprucing up your pool. Enjoy the pool designing process. Go for a tropical pool style for a natural look. Add bubblers for a nice touch. The pool designing process should be fun yet precise. You will be happy with the results when you decide to add these custom features.