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If you want to make a bold statement about your property and improve its value, incorporating luxury pool designs in your backyard is the way to do it. From fountain-like water features to sleek space-savers, enjoy the best in outdoor living with these upcoming trends. 

Luxury Pool Design Ideas

Many pool design ideas are at your disposal, and with the right design company, your imagination need not know any bounds. Think about why you want a luxury pool, how this fits into your identity and the aesthetics of your yard. You want a pool that works from a design point of view and says something about your property. 

The best pool trends offer beauty and functionality with ease, assuring you give the best to your family and guests. Upscale your outdoor entertainment and add a new dimension to your events by showcasing these luxury ideas in your backyard: 

1. Lagoon Pools


These are ideal for those who prefer to have a natural-looking pool. With curves and rocks that mirror natural lagoons, this design captures your imagination and offers a more rounded design than the standard straight-line pools. You can make this space your own and add exotic flowers and plants of your liking, giving you the ultimate escape from everyday life. 

2. Infinity Pools


There’s no need to feel limited regarding swimming pool designs and styles. The infinity pool looks like it has no edge, so it’s perfect for admiring beautiful views or if you want the spotlight to be on something other than your pool — a stunning garden, for example. 

3. Acrylic Features


Acrylic feature pools use see-through acrylics to create the illusion that your pool has no walls or you’re floating in the air. This type of pool is for those who prefer a more modern, clean look and is great for homes near the city. Acrylic features bring that extra dimension to your pool and help make the underwater space look bigger.

4. Rock Waterfalls, Waterslides & Grottos


If you love the sound and feel of moving water, these options are for you. The rock waterfalls and slides bring your backyard to life and impress your visitors with a lovely experience. LED lighting within the rocks and underneath water slides brings another dimension to the area.

5. Lazy Rivers

The lazy river pool brings you the feeling of a holiday right at home. This swimming pool design incorporates mechanisms to give the water to have a slight current. The pool often has an S-shape or mimics the infinity symbol to make the most of moving water. You can relax on a raft while the current transports you around your pool.

Children will especially love this design, as the movement of the water is exciting, and they can use a pool noodle or a tube to float along the water. To maximize this type of pool, incorporate a natural river design by adding curves, small waterfalls and rocks.

6. Pool Lighting

Lighting elevates your space and brings a whole new dimension to your backyard, setting you apart from others. Custom lighting for your pool area is the best accessory to give your property and upgrade its appeal. 

luxury backyard swimming pool with led lights

Not just pleasing to the eye, underwater lighting helps you swim at night and creates a safer feeling when you and your family go for a dip so you can enjoy your luxurious pool with peace of mind. Remember this important accessory and make the most of it. 

7. Outdoor Kitchens and Living Spaces


Let your pool area become a lifestyle by adding living spaces that will improve your convenience and comfort for the ultimate in luxury design. An outdoor kitchen brings it all together and makes your outdoor area complete. Similar to how an indoor kitchen unites the family, your outdoor kitchen will also create an entire entertainment area in your backyard. When you have an outdoor kitchen, you also avoid running into the house when you want to grab a drink or have a snack.

8. Fire Features


Fire features and a fire pit are great ways to enhance your pool area’s overall feel and bring warmth and comfort. Summer nights can get cool. For those who feel it the most, a glowing fire pit would be a great way to warm up after a swim. When your family or guests feel the chill, you don’t want them to go inside and miss the entertainment. A fire pit is a visually appealing way to bring everyone together around your pool. 

9. Deck Jets and Bubblers


Let your pool come to life by adding these remote-controlled features so that you can boast a lovely display to your guests. Deck jets and bubblers cause the water to move or bubble, creating soothing sounds and beautiful water aesthetics. Adding colorful lighting to the displays enhances the attraction, allowing you to host your events easily.

Trust the Experts in Pool Design Trends

Transforming your backyard into a pool oasis takes time and consideration, as you will enjoy your leisurely pool for many years. It’s essential to have help from the leaders in the market when it comes to luxury pools, helping you make the right investment.

Elevate your space and property with the best pool design company. We at Van Kirk & Sons Pools and Spas will build your pool like it’s going into our own backyard, giving you quality service and the ultimate in outdoor opulence. Discover how Van Kirk Pool can upgrade your home today.