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Financing Your Pool

When you are considering building or remodeling a swimming pool at your home it is an exciting time! It can also be a scary time.Yes, your new pool, along with an increased outdoor living area, improved landscaping and other added amenities adds value to your home, but the initial cost can be intimidating. That’s why Van Kirk & Sons Pools & Spas has financing partners to assist you in the purchasing and financing of your new pool. A variety of options are available based on your personal situation.

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What to Expect During The Construction Process

Before the shovels hit the ground a pre-construction site meeting will take place. You, your design consultant and a site supervisor will review the plans and inspect your yard to ensure no modifications to the design are required.


  1. Dig the Pool
    This is the first phase of the construction process! The hole that is dug will be slightly larger and deeper than your finished pool.
  2. Form & Steel
    Once the pool is dug the hole will be lined with “steel rebar.”
  3. City Inspections
    After installing the steel rebar, an inspector will review your pool plans and the job site to make sure everything is up to code. We will then schedule the gunite phase.
    Please be advised that there are approximately 25 days worth of inspections during the entire construction process.
  4. Shell Installation / Gunite
    The concrete that makes up your pool’s shell and steps are applied pneumatically. If your pool design includes any swim-outs, fountains, or a gunite spa, those elements will be part of this phase as well.
  5. Strip & Backfill
    Once the gunite is dried, it’s time to start backfilling around the walls and braces.
    Please be aware that if you live in Parkland, Boca, Martin County, Miami Shores or SW Ranches you will need to have a Tie in or Elevation Survey done by your surveyor after your deck & landscape is complete. Weston will require one if you have a pergola.
  6. Plumbing Installation & Inspection
    Our plumbing crews begin installation (if part of your pool design), and dig trenches to lay pipe from your pool to the pool equipment.
  7. Patio Grade
    Prior to placing the decking, our construction crew will level out and compact the sub-base preparing for the patio.
  8. Tile & Coping Installation
    Our tile crews will install your pool’s waterline tile and coping.
  9. Deck Installation
    Our crews will form the shape and sand your deck and any planter areas. After this process is complete we will apply your chosen rock or tile finish.
  10. Homeowner Responsibilities
    The Homeowner is responsible for the following unless otherwise specified in the contract: Sod, Landscape, Fencing, sprinkler systems, and alarms.
    Please note these items must be installed before final inspections. All fences must meet Florida building code, the gates must self-close and self-latch, and they must open to the outside. All gate latches must be 54″ high from the ground. After Sod is completed Home Owner must call for elevation survey from their survey company (can be found by previous survey company.) Existing fences will need to be re-inspected.
  11. Clean-Up & Final Inspection
    During this phase, we remove any trash that was created during the construction of your pool, and also complete the final grade of your yard.
  12. Electrical Equipment Hook-up & Inspection
    Pre Electrical Equipment Hook Up: We will need your connectivity information along with your elevation survey.
    Here we will be installing your pool pump, filter, and gas heater (if applicable).
    Our electric crews will run the conduit for the main electric supply used by your pool equipment. They will also install lighting and any wiring necessary for your pool.
  13. Pool Plaster & Filling
    In this stage, we will carefully prepare the concrete surface of your swimming pool, and then apply your pool’s finish and fill the pool with water – finishes cured underwater. Your pool will be considered completely full once the water reaches halfway up the tile line (middle of your waterline tile).
  14. Fire-Up
    Once the pool is filled, the fire-up crew will start the equipment and meet the acid demand. While the pool is being balanced you may notice at times that the water looks a bit cloudy. This is normal due to the process and nothing to be alarmed about. Once we have properly balanced your pool water, you will be notified as to when it is okay to start using your pool.
  15. Pool School
    When the pool is balanced our Service Department will contact you to schedule an orientation. This orientation will answer any questions you may have about your new pool, as well as show you how to properly use your pool equipment.

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