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Deck Jets and Bubblers

Pool Deck Jets and Bubblers

Deck jets, laminar jets and bubblers put on a show of water and light to add life and beauty to your pool. These colorful and fun water features have options for multiple lighting sequence programming and availability for a switch control or a complete remote control package so you can enjoy complete customization.

Enhance Your Pools With Deck Jets and Bubblers

Adding water features to your pool is a simple way to elevate your outdoor living space. Put on colorful and playful water displays to impress your guests, or create a soothing, spa-like space with natural sounds and calming ambiance. With customizable deck jets, laminar jets and bubblers, anything is possible.

What Are Deck Jets for Pools?

Deck jets create a turbulent stream of water that splashes into the pool. They can be a fun and playful addition that makes your pool come alive. You can also use them to transform your pool into a relaxing oasis with the calming sounds of water flowing.

Laminar Swimming Pool Jets

Laminar jets are a type of deck jet that produces a clear, undisturbed flow of water that gracefully arcs into the pool. They often come with LED lighting to create striking water displays. The smooth water arcs laminar jets produce will elevate your outdoor space and create a more luxurious feel.

What Are Pool Bubblers?

Pool bubblers are fountain-like additions that bubble the water in shallow areas around the pool. They are common in spas and around sun shelves or pool steps. Bubblers can be fun, attractive and unique focal points in your pool.

What Are the Benefits of Deck Jets and Bubblers?

Investing in bubblers and pool deck jets installations will increase the value of your outdoor space. These water features enable you to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Natural noise barriers: These water features produce a calming white noise that can tune out sounds around your home to help you create a peaceful environment. Whether you want privacy for an event you are hosting or just want a quiet place to relax, you can use rushing water from a deck jet or bubbler to promote a soothing atmosphere.
  • Aesthetics: A simple fountain or shimmering water stream can be an attractive focal point in your outdoor space. It can also beautify your pool by circulating water to keep it clean and clear.
  • Water cooling: Deck jets and bubblers circulate water, which introduces more oxygen into your pool and helps keep it cool. Using these features on shallow shelves around seating can help you design a cool and comfortable place to relax on a hot summer day.
  • Enjoyment: Water features such as bubblers and deck jets can create a fun and playful environment in your backyard for you and all your guests. Whether you like to splash in the pool or relax by the edge, you can enjoy all that these water features offer.

Enjoy Luxury Pool Bubblers and Deck Jets From Van Kirk & Sons Pools and Spas

At Van Kirk & Sons Pools and Spas, we have the experience and capabilities to help you turn your backyard into a beautiful oasis. We can install customizable deck jets, laminar jets and bubblers to help you create the attractive and enjoyable outdoor living space you’ve always wanted. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation. 

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