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Pool parties are perfect for hanging out with friends and family, goofing off in the pool and soaking up the sun. Especially right after you have just finished building your pool. A few decorating ideas should rump up your fun in the sun. Here are a few pool decorating ideas for parties for when summer comes around.

Different Pool Decorating Ideas

Glow Stick Pool Decorations

If your pool party will extend into the night, you can charm your guests with an unexpected nighttime surprise as part of your pool décor. Add a couple of glow sticks to the bottom of the pool to add some cool vibes to the party. You can also throw a couple of LED orbs to keep the fun vibes going. Kids will absolutely love the idea. Not to mention, it can be fun diving after the glow sticks and can complement how your pool works.

No matter what the theme of your pool party will be, pool experts at Van Kirk & Son’s Pools and Spas can build custom pools that will be the star of your next party.

Floats in The Pool

Toss a couple of large floats in the pool, and you’ll not only make a big statement, but also encourage your guests to dive into the pool. Look for fun shapes such as a swan, whale or slice of pizza. If you’re going with a particular theme, go for floats that will complement or blend in with the subject.

No pool party is complete without some pool games; so you can also consider inflatable ring-toss floaters that will double as both décor and fun gaming equipment.


Create a unique personalized banner or order one to use as a focal point for your décor. The idea here is to be both creative and inviting. Don’t be afraid to play around with the text. After all, pool parties are fun events, so try to avoid anything formal.

Beach Ball Garland

Styrofoam balls can come in quite handy as decoration at your pool party. You can create a DIY beach ball garland using Styrofoam balls, a little string and some paint, and turn them into something quite picturesque. Hang your beautiful creations around your party area or from your dessert table.

Party Favors

As part of your décor, add some little stands to your pool party and offer treats that kids can go home with at the end of the party. It’s a fantastic way to style up your party while also serving up a treat. Consider treating the little ones to push up pops filled with Jell-o or any other fun snacks. Your guests will definitely enjoy taking the gifts home after having a splash in the pool.


Balloons can work wonders for your pool party décor. You may hire a balloon company to create a balloon arch over your pool or find ways to incorporate them into the décor. For instance, you can sink helium balloons into your pool by, say, tying them to something heavy.

Inflatable Pool Party Drink Floats

If you want more people to join in on the fun in the pool, consider purchasing drink floats. Small inflatable drink floats mean your guests won’t have to reach for their glasses, even when they’re in the pool.

What Will You Use for the Next Party?

Looking for some pool decorating ideas for parties? Grab a few of these ideas, and you’re sure to have a memorable pool party. Just spare some time and put some thought into your décor to ensure your pool party has the wow factor to amaze your guests.