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Installing a brand-new swimming pool can transform your yard and elevate your home’s value. But what if your property already has a pool? Can you add new features to spice up your outdoor space and get more functionality? We are answering your burning questions and discussing whether or not adding new features to an existing pool is worth it.

Can You Add New Features to Your Pool?

Yes! You can incorporate custom additions and water features into an existing pool. Adding to your current backyard setup can transform your space, making it more beautiful and functional.

Before getting started, you’ll need to find a licensed professional and explore some key considerations for each feature you’re thinking of including.

How to Add Additional Features to Your Pool

Installing brand-new features around an existing swimming pool typically requires pool renovation work. You’ll partner with a team of professionals to create a design plan for your backyard space. They’ll take all the important considerations into account and help you find solutions that make sense for your home.

The construction process will likely take only a few days to complete. Minor updates, like installing a pergola or a fountain, will be faster than a remodel or restoration project. In many cases, you can transform your swimming pool area in less than a week.

Features to Enhance Your Existing Pool

New features can make your pool area look more luxurious and add greater functionality to your outdoor space.

The following are some of the best custom features to consider adding to your existing swimming pool:

  • Fountains and water bowls: If you’re looking for a simple way to elevate your pool, consider adding a fountain or a few water bowls. These features create a soothing noise and are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Pergolas: These structures do more than just provide a much-needed escape from the sun. They can also include a calming waterfall that goes directly into the side of the pool.
  • Outdoor kitchens and tiki huts: If you love entertaining in your backyard, installing an outdoor kitchen or tiki hut can take your hosting gigs to the next level.
  • Fire pits and bowls: Incorporating fire is a great way to add light and warmth to your pool area. You can install pits or bowls that contain the flames and offer an incredible ambiance.
  • Lighting: There are endless ways to use pool lighting to transform your outdoor space, improve poolside safety and create awesome visual effects at night.

Benefits of Custom Pool Features

Adding custom features to your existing pool can be highly advantageous. Explore the following benefits:

  • Boost your home’s value: Custom pool features can be a huge selling point if you are interested in selling your house in the future.
  • Elevate your backyard space: Adding new features to your swimming pool is a great way to create the backyard oasis you’ve always dreamt of.
  • Get the most out of your pool: You can add new features to your pool area that help your household optimize this space to make it as comfortable, beautiful and functional as possible.

Considerations for Choosing Water Features

There are many things to consider when thinking of adding features to your existing pool. Your licensed pool professional will advise you if your current layout and equipment can support the addition of the following water features:

  • Pump capacity: In the case of waterfalls, for example, your existing pool pump might not be able to handle the additional load. Waterfalls do require more power, and you might find yourself needing a dedicated pump for that feature.
  • Evaporation: Water features do provide a wonderful oasis, but sometimes they can also cause evaporation. The amount of evaporation is minimal, but you must keep in mind that this will occur.
  • Filtration: Water fountains are beautiful and impressive while also helping with water filtration, lower water temperature, and better balance of chemicals in the water.
  • Safety: There are lots of safety concerns when adding pool features. There are depth requirements for diving boards and water slides. Any feature that kids could potentially climb on should be anti-slip. Many will have additional cleaning requirements to make sure they continue to run at top efficiency.

Transform Your Pool With Custom Features From Van Kirk & Sons Pools and Spas

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