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Four Reasons You May Need to Renovate Your Pool

Maybe you’ve had your pool for a long time, maybe a storm caused some damage, or maybe you’re just looking for a change of appearance. If you have a pool, it’s likely that there will come a time when you will want to renovate it. Investing in good quality equipment and hiring high quality pool builders will help prolong the life of your pool, but even so, you may end up wanting to renovate it at some point. Whether it’s to bring it up to date with current technology or redo the entire configuration, here are four reasons you may need to renovate your home pool:

Reason #1

The pool is damaged or in need of major repairs.

If you’re dealing with leaks, faulty filters, broken pipes, or damaged tiles in your pool, you may need to renovate your pool beyond typical maintenance repairs. Whether the issues are due to regular wear or damage from a storm, a skilled contractor can assess the problem and develop a comprehensive solution to keep your pool running smoothly and prevent similar issues in the future. You may also want to do more extensive renovations to the appearance of your pool at the same time of the repair, like switching out the tiling instead of replacing damaged tiles with the old style. It can be cost-effective and more time efficient to do a thorough renovation at the time of major repairs.

Reason #2

Your needs for your home pool have changed.

Maybe your pool was built by the previous owners, or maybe you want to use the pool for family fun now instead of fitness and training. Whatever the reason, if you find your pool isn’t meeting your needs, it’s likely a good time to consider a renovation. You may want to change the tiling and stones to better suit your taste. You can redesign the steps into the pool to better accommodate young children and older adults. Or you can add recreational elements like jets, a fire pit or a sun deck. If your home pool doesn’t meet your needs, you likely won’t use it very frequently, so it’s best to address the design issues right away.

Reason #3

The technology your pool uses is outdated.

Pool technology frequently makes major advances, so if your pool is getting up there in years you might want to consider an upgrade. From fun features like lighting and jets to more practical features like efficient pumps and filters, improving the technology behind your pool can save you money and add to the fun.

Reason #4

You want to increase resale value.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, performing a facelift on your home pool can greatly increase your home’s resale value. Simple pool renovations will make your pool a major selling point and help your backyard shine its brightest.

Whatever your reason for needing to renovate your pool, be sure to hire an experienced, high quality pool builder to work with you on the plans and carry out the renovation. You want to be sure a renovation will turn your existing pool into the pool of your dreams.

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