Take The "Pee" Out Of Pool

Take The Pee Out Of Pool

Is Peeing in the Pool Dangerous?

Raise your hand if you have ever peed in your pool? Or somebody else's for that matter? Relieving yourself in a pool is acceptable to some. There are many who believe it's harmless. How may times have you heard, "the chlorine will kill the germs." Hmm, well apparently that's not 100% accurate…I know…gross!

New research actually found that there are 75 liters of urine in the average swimming pool! But there are some steps we can all take to decrease the amount of urine that ends up in our swimming pools. According to The National Swimming Pool Foundation, who recently published an article with their tips on keeping the "pee" out of pool, it's pretty simple.

Take The Pee Out Of Pool
Take The Pee Out Of Pool

  1. Jumping in the pool actually makes you have to go! So before you go for a swim hit the bathroom. Kind of like before you take a long road trip.
  2. Swim coaches and instructors should encourage a bathroom break every half hour to hour.
  3. If there's a playdate or birthday party at your house encourage a break time for snacks, sunscreen and the bathroom!

If you are in charge of an apartment complex, hotel or waterpark where there are a lot of people regularly using the same pool, try posting signs reminding everyone to use the restrooms nearby. Of course there is no sure way to determine if everyone will follow the rules…but for the sake of others swimming with you, at least try to hold it when nature calls!

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