Feng Shui Fountain Design

The purpose of the customer's water feature was to promote prosperity and good fortune in the Career Path/ Business section of their home. We needed to create a pond that could hold animal life as well as encompass the desired feng shui features our customers desired. The product: a magnificent fountain built as a shrine to the Yellow Dzambhala, bringer of wealth and prosperity; empowered by the Koi fish and North position. All of the components as well as the elements of the design were based on Black Sect Feng Shui practices. The pond runs parallel to the home and can be seen from the living room through a large glass door. Having this feature in front of a door with the water moving towards the home brings positive flowing energy to the Career Path/ Business side (North direction) of the house.

This design incorporated a 5' x 10' Koi pond and a 3' X 8' waterfall wall with stairs to house a statue. The water feature had to be built on the North side of the property with the flow of the fountain to be moving towards the house. We got a little curious and started doing our own research.

According to the Black Sect variation of Feng Shui "is the science/art of the constant, mutual, interactive communication and conditioning between the chi of place or environment and the chi of individuals". What does this mean? Well, every aspect of feeling and living become intertwined. Based on the color of a room and its location along the bagua (map that correlates the directions with the elements they invoke) you can incorporate prosperity, love and creative inspiration. According to the Teachings of Buddha, Yellow Dzambhala was the keeper of Buddha's light and bestowed wisdom, virtue, and a long lifespan. In his left hand he holds a mongoose that spits precious gems, and in his left he holds a fruit shaped gem. When this deity is incorporated in the home, it must have running water streaming on his head.

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